Anti-Social Youths Throw Eggs and Hurl Wheelie Bins in St. Anne’s

Fylde Neighbourhood Policing Team have reported receiving multiple reports of teenagers aged between 13 and 16 years old causing anti-social nuisance in the alley way between Church Road and Holmefield Road.

This anti-social behaviour includes throwing eggs at properties and hurling items such as garden chairs, wheelie bins and various other small items over garden fences.

PCSO Lauren Vallely of Fylde Neighhbourhood Policing Team has addressed parents and carers saying, ‘Do you know where your child is and what they’re up to when they’re out and about? Police are actively targeting the area and anyone seen causing a nuisance will be dealt with. Please speak with your children about this and ensure you know what they’re doing at all times.’

Any incidents can be reported to police on 101 or if a crime is in progress, call 999.

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