BBC Crew Find People Swimming In Sea Off Fylde Coast Despite Raw Sewage Warning

The BBC found lots of bathers in the sea off the Fylde’s beaches in the sunshine of today (Wednesday 14th June). When interviewed the bathers said they had been into the water without knowing about the raw sewage flooding into the sea following the discharge of untreated waste by United Utilities on Monday.

‘I would never have gone in if I had known,’ one bather told the BBC when interviewed, while another when told about the raw sewage added ‘I feel minging’.

The BBC reported that a mother gasped with horror when informed about the sewage, saying, ‘My children have swallowed that water.’

Fylde MP Mark Menzies previously said, ‘I will be speaking with United Utilities to stress the need to see this pipe repaired at the earliest opportunity and express my immense disappointment at the scale of this incident, closing beaches the length of the Fylde coast.’

Labour MP for Lancaster & Fleetwood Cal Smith told BBC Radio Lancashire this morning, ‘I think like everyone else I’m absolutely disgusted. United Utilities has a dreadful track record for pumping raw sewage not just into our seas but rivers and waterways.’

She added: ‘They are one the worst offending water companies for pumping raw sewage out while their bosses get huge salaries and massive bonuses with the bill-payers having to pick up the tab. I’m furious.’

Meanwhile, a Fylde Council spokesperson today (14.06.23) said, ‘You may have noticed tankers driving up and down Inner Promenade. These are working on behalf of United Utilities to help reduce pressure on Fleetwood wastewater treatment plant by transporting water to other sites.’

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