Blackpool South MP Scott Benton Pays His Respect in Westminster Hall

Yesterday afternoon (Friday 16th September) Blackpool South MP Scott Benton paid his respects to Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II  as she Lay in State in Westminster Hall at the Palace of Westminster. Lying-in-State describes the formal occasion in which a coffin is placed on view to allow people to pay their respects before the funeral ceremony. During Lying-in-State, the coffin rests on a raised platform (catafalque) in the middle of Westminster Hall. Each corner of the platform is guarded around the clock by members of the Sovereign’s guard of the Household Cavalry, Foot Guards and The King’s Bodyguards.

Previously, 0n Friday 9th September, MP Benton had, in the House of Commons, paid tribute  to Queen Elizabeth II, focusing upon her remarkable life of service which she carried out with such dignity and grace for over 70 years. MP Benton said that Queen Elizabeth II had left a great legacy and added that as we move into a new era in this great country’s history her late Majesty would always remain in our hearts. He ended by stating, ‘God rest her soul, and God save the King.’

MP Benton’s tribute can be seen here:

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