Blackpool’s Bare Knuckle Boxing Bombshell Becomes World Champion

There were celebrations over the Easter weekend as local personality, Blackpool’s 44-year-old ‘Viking’ Richie Leak, was crowned the new world heavyweight bareknuckle champion. Richie started Saturday night’s (30th March) fight as underdog, having stepped into the ring at very late notice to face champion, Dan Podmore. But in front of 1,700 frenzied fight fans in Wolverhampton, the Blackpool bareknuckle fighter, turned the fight his way as early as the second round of a brutal match with a right to Podmore’s jaw that flung the champion into the ropes.

Richie went on to drop the stunned Podmore with a perfectly-timed looping left hook in the dying seconds of the second round. Podmore looked dazed after getting to his feet and the bell rang before another punch was thrown.

In the third round, Richie was soon once again landing heavy, powerful shots.  Podmore was visibly hurt by this continuous barrage of blows and ended up on his knees. He looked blank eyed as he tried to get to his feet and his corner wisely threw in the towel.

Richie’s wonderful win elicited most the positive comments from his supporters. Gaz Harrison said, ‘Some fight, well done Richie Leak, you did Blackpool proud.’ Bradley Crow commented, ‘Size difference was huge, Podmore couldn’t hand the monster shots. Looked like he didn’t know what day of the week it was, towel in was a good decision by his corner.’

Blackpool’s new champion said he would celebrate afterwards with a large beer. He added: ‘It was all about who had the best chin and the biggest heart. I have given a pint of blood!’


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