Dramatic Rescue By Lytham’s Jonas Armstrong In ITV’s ‘After The Flood’ (10.01.24)

Lytham St. Anne’s resident Jonas Armstrong can be seen tonight (Wednesday 10th January) playing an extremely dramatic role in the much-anticipated ITV drama, ‘After The Flood’.  Jonas, as local hero Lee Ellison, can be seen battling the currents after plunging into the River Tees to rescue a baby strapped in a car seat – before bringing the infant to safety alongside rescue officers.

Jonas has shared his backstory, ‘When you first meet Lee, he is running down the embankment. A baby is being swept away by the current and the flood. Without thinking he goes on instinct and just plunges into the water risking his own life essentially to save this infant. We presume this man is dead because of the ferocity of the flood and then right at the end of episode one you see him washed up on the embankment further down. Lots of hours have passed. He’s unconscious. He wakes up. There are police sirens. He sees the activity going on, he’s injured. Rather than go towards the town, he makes a decision to go the other way. I can’t tell you much about his history, but he has a chequered past.’

The main theme of ‘After The Flood’ is the story of pregnant PC Joanna Marshall (Sophie Rundle), who is tasked with finding out what happened to an unidentified man found dead in a lift in an underground car park.

The police assume that he became trapped in the lift as the flood waters rose, but as the investigation unfolds, questions begin to arise – and PC Marshall becomes obsessed with finding out what really happened to him. How did he get in the lift? And why does no one in the town seem to know who he is? PC Marshall’s relentless pursuit of the truth sets her on a course that will profoundly change her life.

The six-part series begins at 9.00 p.m. tonight (Wednesday 10th January) on ITV.

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