Fylde Council Give Green Light For The Brand New Fairhaven Ice Cream Kiosk

Fylde Council’s Planning Committee has given the go-ahead for the construction of the controversial modern ice cream kiosk at Fairhaven Lake, meaning the demolition of the current traditional kiosk (pictured below).

The new, modern hybrid-kiosk would be considerably larger than the existing one, spacious enough to accommodate seating for hot drinks, allowing visitors to stop and admire the coastal views across Lytham’s coast in comfort.

The approved application includes the demolition of the existing Fairhaven Lake ice cream kiosk and the erection of a new building for the production and sale of ice cream, and sale of food and drink, with covered seating area, hard landscaping and ground re-profiling works, plus two parking spaces.

However, no cost of the revised plan has been shared, with a Fylde Council spokesman explaining: ‘We are looking to receive tenders back second week in April, and at that point we will review costs.’

The Civic Society had previously shared their strong objections to this plan saying, ‘Granny’s Bay is not a development site or an area requiring regeneration, it is an area of outstanding natural beauty and Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). It is clear that this proposal would have a dramatic impact on the landscape and create a negative landscape impact.’

The Civic Society continued, ‘The existing kiosk seems adequate for the sunny days we get and the year round demand for ice cream, especially when considering the large cafe already at Fairhaven Lake very close by. If the existing kiosk needs more space for storage or the making of ice cream or gelato, it could simply be extended or rebuilt a little larger in the same location that doesn’t block views of the estuary and in the same traditional style.

There are no shortage of places to go to eat and drink along the Fylde coast frontage including; the very nearby Fairhaven Pub, the Queens, the Clifton Arms, Fairhaven Café, Beach Terrace Café, Ocean Café, the Grand Hotel, St Ives Hotel and more.’



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