Fylde Council Remove Over 90 Lots Of Fly-tipping & Ask For Help In Catching Offenders

Fylde Council are waging a war on fly-tippers. A spokesperson has said the Council has removed over 90 lots of fly-tipping this year alone and added, ‘We do investigate the waste left and prosecute those who are responsible We do investigate the waste left and prosecute those who are responsible.’

The Council stress that the dumping of waste on public highways or on private land is classified as fly tipping and is an illegal activity. They ask if you witness waste being dumped, please report this to the police on 999 as a crime in progress. Alternatively, if you have just discovered it, please report this to us.  But remember, never put yourself at risk. 

If you do see someone fly-tipping you can ‘tip-off’ the Council by following this link: report fly-tipping

When reporting fly tipping to the Council, they say please record as many details as possible including:

  • Vehicle registration number and car/van make and model
  • Description of individual(s) involved (if known)
  • The exact location of where the incident has occurred
  • The direction in which they were travelling (if known)
  • The date and time you witnessed this
  • Description of the item(s) dumped
  • Photographs of dumped items (if possible)

According to the National Fly Tipping Prevention Group the top five most frequently fly-tipped items are:

  1. Household rubbish
  2. White good such as fridges and freezers
  3. Construction, demolition and home improvement rubbish
  4. Garden rubbish
  5. Rubbish from businesses




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  1. This is disgraceful. These people have no respect for the environment, which says a lot about them. Why can’t they just take it to the local dump? Surely the council could have a tip, which doesn’t charge for rubbish? It would save them the job of going around and collecting it all. The sofa in one of your photos could have been dropped off at the dump, or recycling centre.
    This problem started in Jersey when I was living there, when they allowed Eastern Europeans to move there, because, as one of them told me, that’s what they do in their own countries.

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