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Fylde’s CCTV Upgrade Creates Local Controversy

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Fylde’s new CCTV upgrade project is currently underway throughout the Borough. However, this enhancement has already caused controversy.

A worried resident comments, ‘Heartbroken to see this in our sleepy seaside town. It’s inappropriate and unnecessary. The level of surveillance everywhere is causing me so much anxiety. It’s nothing to do with catching criminals and everything to do with big brother governmental control of movement. Wait till they’re linked with your carbon footprint, digital ID and CBDC. People arguing it will help to catch criminals are so far removed from what these are actually for. They’re walking directly into their own enslavement 😢 As has been said there are enough cameras everywhere, this is not ‘for your safety’ this is solely for the surveillance and monitoring of innocent people and it’s just sinister. Additionally, just because this level of monitoring our everyday movements is acceptable to some it’s certainly not to others. That’s why we live in a so-called democracy, we should have been informed, consulted and asked if we are ok with being scrutinised on this level.’

Another writes in agreement, ‘Who has those recordings, who views them and for what other purposes will cameras be used for? We all know far too well that data and software can be misused and IT/AI can go wrong. Facial recognition is becoming prevalent everywhere. Leafy Lytham is no exception.’

More views support this argument, ‘Why is this intrusive, privacy invading infrastructure being installed Fylde Council Please do elaborate as to its real purpose and where the initiative, instruction and funding to install it has come from? I look forward to your detailed response…’

However, some agree that the cameras are necessary,’ I need someone to explain to me why you’re all so concerned about CCTV. What is it that you’re all doing that you don’t want on camera? 🤔

If you’re a law-abiding citizen going about your business surely you’ve nothing to be concerned about. Please explain!’

And, ‘I think we can safely say that anyone who was seriously injured would be quite grateful for any CCTV that was available 🤔’

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