Help Police Fight Crime By Registering Your CCTV Or Smart Door Bells

Lancashire Police say that the use of recording equipment, such as CCTV or smart door bells, to capture video or sound recordings outside the user’s property boundary is not a breach of data protection law.   While people should try to point their CCTV cameras in directions away from others properties to protect and respect their privacy, this isn’t always possible.

And Lancashire Police ask residents and businesses that have CCTV cameras or smart door bells  to register with NICE2SHARE – Lancashire Constabulary’s Community Portal. By doing so, much needed assistance will be provided to deter and solve crimes quicker. Registration will mean that instead of trawling for the presence of CCTV cameras after a crime had been reported in a particular area, officers know from the outset whether footage was likely to exist that could assist with their inquiries – and then request access to it.

Speaking about NICE2SHARE, ACC Russ Procter said: ‘This is to identify people who have CCTV, who we can then make online requests for them to review their CCTV to see if they can provide any information which will insist in a criminal investigation or to identify offenders involved in incidents. The force would not gain access to the security cameras themselves and all material captured by them would be provided voluntarily by those who own the systems. We do not have access to your CCTV. It’s yours/your business’ CCTV…we send a request; you will then share that with us.’

ACC Procter added, ‘Footage from CCTV and digital recording devices can provide important information on who might be involved, what may have happened, when it happened, where they have come from and what direction they have travelled. Footage can, therefore, be used to prove or disprove allegations against a suspect, leading to faster investigations and a better outcome for victims.’

Lancashire Police explain further, ‘Think of it as a digital neighbourhood watch scheme. Lancashire Constabulary have procured a digital evidence management system which allows businesses and members of the public to register their CCTV and other recording devices into a community portal. This system details potential video footage which can be requested for evidence from across the county leading to more efficient prosecutions of offenders and reduced crime in our communities.

By registering your cameras with the Community Portal you will streamline the information exchange, making it easier for the Police to identify which of your cameras may have evidential footage and will simplify the processing of making it available to the Investigating Officer.

The service is free of charge and entirely voluntary. By registering with the portal you are not giving Lancashire Constabulary access to your CCTV system, you are making it easier for them to request and collect footage we may require in an investigation – the only footage we will ever have access is the footage you send to us.’

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