Lytham Round Table’s Man Creshe Open For ‘Lads’ Aged 18 -45

Lytham Round Table is to open their very own twice-monthly man creche for ‘lads’ aged 18 to 45.

This is what they say in their invitation for the ‘lads’ to get in touch and find out much more!

‘📣 People of Lytham and the surrounding areas! We are going to ask you to do something for us…

Look to your left ⬅️……then to your right ➡️…… is there a young lad in your house aged 18-45 that’s looking bored out of his skull knowing that Love Island/Eastenders/I’m a Numpty in the Jungle is on again tonight? 🙄

Then get him out to your very own Man Crèche here in Lytham !

We meet twice a month and will encourage him to get out of the house for events such as axe throwing, rifle shooting, scalextric, canoeing, dodgeball and more. 😀

He’ll make new friends and come back tired and stimulated from the evenings play, full of food 🍔, beers/pop 🍻 and his behaviour & mood is sure to improve following his time with us. We can even help with potty training or house rules if that floats yer boat?⛵️

If you trust us to take care of your overgrown little bundle of joy, then message the page  and we will get back to you with more information! ‘

Many thanks,

Your very own Super Nanny 😘 xx

Lytham Round Table’

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