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Hydration Station Installed On St.Anne’s Promenade – First Of Six Across Fylde

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A new wall-mounted hydration station has been installed at the St Anne.s Promenade Monument public toilet building. You could now call it a Hydration and Urination Station. This is the first of six being installed across Fylde to let people refill water bottles, cutting down on plastic use and littering.


A new capital scheme to install Changing Places Toilet facilities at three locations across the Fylde has also been approved. This will offer larger accessible public conveniences for people who require additional equipment and room to use them safely. 

The capital scheme is funded by Fylde Council’s successful application for the Changing Places Grant in 2021/22, providing a grant of £108,000 to be supplemented by an additional £12,000 from the Council for a total of £120,000 to cover the estimated cost of establishing these facilities in three locations. 

The first of these new Changing Places Toilets will be installed at the North Beach Windsports Centre, which itself will be undergoing significant renovation and improvement in the coming months. Two more facilities are planned to be located at Lowther Gardens and Kirkham Town Centre, and specialist support will be provided by Muscular Dystrophy UK to ensure that the new facilities meet the requirements of their users. 

Councillor Roger Small, Chair of the Operational Management Committee, said: ‘It’s our firm belief that Fylde should be accessible to all, regardless of the complexity of their needs. The introduction of additional Changing Places Toilets alongside standard accessible facilities is warmly welcomed and will help ensure the comfort and dignity of all our residents and visitors.’

Over 250,000 people in the UK need larger facilities to help them get out and about, enjoying the day-to-day activities which many of us take for granted. To use a toilet in safety and comfort, these people need to be able to access a Changing Places Toilet, which has additional equipment such as a height adjustable changing bench and a ceiling hoist, as well as extra space for carers. 

At present, there are only two publicly accessible Changing Places officially registered with the national campaign: one at The Ormerod Home Trust on Headroomgate Road, St Anne’s, and one at Jubilee House in Lytham, both of which are only open during the working week. The YMCA St Anne’s Pool and Gym on South Promenade, St Anne’s, also allow members of the public to use the facilities available during their opening hours. 

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