Just Before Christmas, The Swan In Kirkham Closes ‘With Immediate Effect’

The Swan Hotel in Poulton Street, Kirkham has closed its doors with ‘immediate effect’. This means that it will not be open for the Christmas and New Year festivities.

Announcing the closure on Facebook, the landlord Brendon said. ‘Sad news – the brewery have made the decision to close the Swan with immediate effect. Thanks to all that have supported me. Brendon and all the staff.’

Brendon had previously made this most generous offer to those who may be alone on Christmas Day, ‘The past 3 years I spent Christmas alone and cold sleeping rough on the streets of Preston. This Year I am at the Swan Kirkham. On Christmas day I have decided to operate normal business hours as many people face spending the day alone. I will have space to give 20 people there Christmas Dinner so if you or someone you know is alone this Christmas come join me for lunch on the 25th December.  Merry Christmas  Brendon and the Staff at The Swan’

Brendon has since said, ‘The Brewery Have Closed The Swan – I AM TRYING TO SECURE AN ALTERNATIVE VENUE FOR CHRISTMAS DAY.’

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