Labour’s Long-List For Their General Election Candidate In Blackpool South Constituency

Noordad Aziz, Simon Cartmell, Sarah Smith and Chris Webb are the four named runners on the long-list to be the Labour candidate in the General Election for the constituency of Blackpool South according to information shared by political insider, Michael Crick.  Following the last election on 12th December 2019, Blackpool South is currently held by the Conservative Party, with sitting MP Scott Benton gaining 16,247 votes and having a majority of 3,690 with a constituency turnout of 56.8%. The then Labour candidate, Gordon Marsden, polled 12,557 votes.

The official party selection process is underway and is expected to formally conclude by March 18 following a vote by local Labour members.

Noordad Aziz

Simon Cartmill 

Sarah Smith

Chris Webb

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  1. I think that any of the 4 Labour candidates will do a better job than any Tory candidates.

  2. The only one to be trusted is Chris Webb he .does a lot for the people of Blackpool and works with the foodbanks

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