Lancashire Police warn – cancel your party – or be slapped with a £10,000 fine!

Lancashire Police have said that they have information that parties were being planned that will breach the current Covid-19 restrictions in the Fylde area.

Police have said: ‘It has come to our attention that there are large gatherings planned which would breach Covid restrictions in the Fylde area. Based on the intelligence we have received, officers have spoken with organisers of these potential events and explained that they can be liable for a £10,000 fine should the gathering go ahead and those in attendance will be issued with fines of £100.’

Police have also warned those who plan to attend such an event, ‘Please think twice if you are considering attending a gathering.’

Officers and public health officials are concerned that some people may be planning parties this weekend before new restrictions come in on Tuesday for most parts of Lancashire.

This information was shared by the Police via their In The Know newsletter.

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