Leading Lytham St Anne’s Ladies To The Next Level – And You Are Invited!

I’m sure lots of you have seen posts on the local social media pages about a growing group of local business ladies and entrepreneurs. Maybe you’ve seen them exchanging ideas in the Mirrie Dancer Bakery on a sunny evening, while sneaking a taste of Tracy’s fabulous cakes. Maybe you spotted them filing into Spouseys Wine Bar on a cold winter night, warmed up with beverages courtesy of the lovely owners Rhay and Rob. Maybe you even spotted a little group of them sneaking into Wetherspoons, the night that the rest were wiped out by winter germs. But maybe you don’t yet know what they’re about.

Who are they? How and when did the group start? And where is your invite?

On making the move from the Newcastle upon Tyne, Ellie Clarke (Life & Nutrition Coach) decided it was time to step back from teaching to give her growing business her full attention. And in a new county, away from everyone she knew, she decided the best way was to seek out ladies in the same boat. And so it began.

But why ladies only? The group certainly have nothing against men (and indeed are very grateful for those who have helped us along the way). But research has shown, and personal experience has highlighted, that (in general) men are more confident at self-promotion than women. So this group, in which at least some of the women did not have the confidence to match their expertise, allowed a safe space just to be themselves, to have moments of confidence, moments of self-doubt, moments of excitement. And, if they’re being honest, a bit of girl time. Because even when you get to middle age and beyond, that can’t be over-rated.

Through these meetings, they make new connections, meet new clients and customers, get new ideas, boost each other to grow further. And so supporting local business. Which we know those in and around Lytham St Annes truly value.

Let’s jump to the ‘who’ and meet a few of the group…

Joanne Lamb (Creative Garden), one of the original group members. When not busy in her allotment, she is busy creating beautiful crafts and gifts as part of her family business. Most of you have probably already met the lovely Joanne, as she does lots of the local craft fairs, along with the farmer’s market.

Helen Wheeler (Destinations Coaching) is the in-house business coach, and a fabulous one at that. She works with men and women in a wide variety of businesses, using a solutions focused approach to support both personal and professional development. She has already helped a number of the ladies in the group to take their businesses to the next level and get amazing reviews for her coaching.

Ruth Hage (Pride & Joy Childcare). The group could not recommend the awesome Ruth enough if you are looking for child care. Because she really IS the Marks & Spencer’s of Childcare, providing ‘not just’ the basics, but a unique, child-led, holistic and mindful service, allowing your child to develop as nature intended.

And so the group continues…

The group were so excited to meet their first female plumber, Sue Warrington (Little Miss Plumbing), and couldn’t trust anyone more to sort their leaky problems (the tap variety)!

Alix & Sian (Green Globe Trading) with their beautiful, environmentally friendly gifts and goodies. Plus watch this space, as Alix is also growing a new business alongside!

Sarah Dougherty, their Utility Warehouse lady, sorting ladies’ bills within the group and on hand to help you with your growing bills too!

And newer members…

Laura Chadwick (First Aid Training Excellence) providing first aid training to families, groups, schools, care homes and other businesses.

Debbie Bruton, their independent travel agent, available to take all the thinking and stress away from your holiday planning, so that you have to just come up with the idea then pack your speedos/skis ready.

Nicola Farmer (Tropic Skincare) providing you with the products and knowhow to look your best from the outside in, while Ellie (Ultimate Health by Ellie) the group founder, will help you work on your health from the inside out. Ultimate Health by Ellie specialises in helping individuals and groups escape unhealthy diet patterns and focus on reaching goals through real nutrition and positive mindset as well as supporting bride-to-be transformations to help you get wedding day ready!

Where’s your invite? As long as you are female, have your own business, or even are just working on starting up your own business, they are the most welcoming group and would love to chat to you. On meeting dates, they can now be found in the meeting room of The Links Pub in St Anne’s, which is the most welcoming pub for a relaxed drink on a weekend. Or a Tuesday. Or any day that you like a relaxing drink.

This article somehow started on drinking establishments and ended on drinking establishments, but the ladies promise it really is all work. Let’s raise a glass to keeping business local!

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