Fylde Council have been busy installing new digital displays.

Placed at 2 tourist attractions, have you seen them yet? From Fylde Councils page πŸ‘‡

πŸ™ŒπŸ–₯ Signs go digital in Fylde πŸ–₯πŸ™Œ

Have you spotted them yet? πŸ‘€

β›± Located at the beach entrance to the south side of the pier, and near to Lytham Windmill by the RNLI building, our new digital signs will help to communicate important messages to residents and visitors including how to enjoy the coast responsibly and safely. πŸ‘

Councillor Michael Sayward is seen here endorsing this new initiative πŸ‘

From Fylde Council – The signs will provide up to date information including beach safety messages such as tide times and how to stay safe whilst visiting the area.

The signs are located at the beach entrance to the South side of the pier, and near to Lytham Windmill by the RNLI building. They are vandalism-proof and have an eco-power mode meaning they will automatically turn off overnight so as not to waste energy or disturb local residents.

The new digital signage presents the opportunity to communicate important messages to the general public immediately. This includes information regarding local events or warning messages relating to the beach such as high tides, water quality and the discovery of palm oil. Palm oil is toxic to dogs, and as many people enjoy letting their four-legged friends exercise on our beaches it’s important to be aware of if palm oil has been discovered recently.

Councillor Michael Sayward, Chair of the Tourism and Leisure Committee for Fylde Council said:

β€œThis is part of a series of coastal improvements to support borough initiatives, and with the popularity of staycations continuing after the pandemic we expect the high level of footfall along our coast to continue. This means adequate and up to date signage is important to enable residents and visitors to feel informed about what the local area has to offer, and how to responsibly enjoy their time visiting our coast.”

The signs were originally ordered to arrive for install much earlier in the year and in time for the beginning of the summer season. However, delays were encountered during the shipping stages with the units being β€˜stuck’ in the Suez Canal in early summer.

The Council feel it is still very important however to continue to communicate important safety messages throughout the quieter autumn and winter months. Many people continue to visit the beaches during this time and are very unaware of the dangers of fast tides and unsafe conditions. The signs will continue to not only promote the offerings of the borough whilst visiting the area but highlight any current risks on the beaches. This will include our life saving advice for if people do find themselves in difficulty, such as calling 999 and asking for the coast guard and the β€˜float to live’ message.

Councillor Sayward added:

β€œFor the summer season 2022, we envisage being able to communicate the rules and regulations of visiting our coast, such as the dog exclusion zone on St Annes Beach which is in place from Good Friday to 30th September each year, and also the many events and leisure activities the Council provides throughout the summer months.”

β€œWe are looking forward to using the digital signs to the best of their ability. They will not only be imperative to communicating life-saving messages and important safety information, but also give the opportunity to promote everything our coastal towns have to offer. This is an exciting step forward for Fylde.”

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