Lytham at a standstill as major internet outage strikes, local workers from home in despair

We have had reports across Lytham St Annes that wifi and 4G have taken a hit, meaning Lytham locals are “in the dark” from the world wide web.

Samantha Bailey has commented “Mine is down – BT – can’t even get on the internet on 4g on my phone other than very sporadically”

Joella Clegg has managed to get through to engineers who told her “Mines down – Victoria street. Spoke to provider who said open issue with open reach estimated fix time is 16:45 but that really is an estimate and could be anytime 🤷🏻‍♀️

However locals should be warned that this is an estimated time, the “blackout” may last longer, meaning the whole area will be without internet for the foreseeable future.

Many members of the public are outraged at the fact they can’t access the internet during a national lockdown, with the majority of people working from home and are therefore unable to do their jobs.


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