Lytham Iconic Windmill Repainted & Refreshed, Looking Splendid In The Fylde Coast Sunshine

The work to thoroughly clean, repaint and refresh Lytham’s iconic windmill has now been completed. The temporary barriers have been removed.

Today, the Windmill is a cherished landmark, unlike back in Victorian days – when the prestigious houses in the area were being built –  the residents looked upon the Windmill as an industrial nuisance!

On the 2nd January 1919, a tremendous gale turned the sales despite the powerful brake and sparks ignited the woodwork. The Windmill was quickly ravaged by fire, the interior being entirely gutted.

The Windmill remained derelict until 1921, when it was given by the Squire to the Lytham Urban District Council.

In 1989, the Windmill was restored by Fylde Borough Council and opened to the public. Lytham Windmill is run in partnership with Fylde Borough Council and Lytham Heritage Group.

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