Little ‘Garden Sale’ Girl Fractures Her Skull Following Dreadful Accident

Last week Lytham St Anne’s News featured a story about two little girls who were trying to sell their toys in a special St.Anne’s ‘garden sale’ to hopefully raise money for their holiday funds.

Sadly, on Thursday evening, the eldest little girl, Sofia, fell 20ft out of a tree at Fairhaven Lake and fractured her skull. She’s currently in Blackpool’s Victoria Hospital

Her close relative, Rebecca Ann describes, in her own words, Sofia’s terrible accident and tells what happened:

‘Whilst out on Thursday evening at Fairhaven Lake, Sofia, who is ‘a little tom-boy’,  was doing what she loves most – climbing trees! She got to as high as 20ft, which is a little too higher than what she usually climbs, so she decided she wanted to head back down and held onto a branch, found her footing and this branch just snapped.

She then lost her balance and fell, hitting her head on another branch and the impact of that cartwheeled her in another direction and then she just dropped to the floor. It all happened so fast, but as she hit the floor she was unresponsive for a good 5/10 seconds.

She came round and an ambulance was called. We suspected C-spine initially as her neck and head was very sore and then when we got to hospital, we got the scan results back and they conformed her spine was ok but her skull had fractured. She has a haematoma to the left side next to her ear and other little things which I won’t go into just yet as we’re not sure on the diagnosis of them. Wanted to initially send her to Alderhey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool for an operation for her fracture but said as she’s appearing ok at the minute they can keep her here to observe her closely with the neuro team for 48hrs. She’s very cheery considering everything, misses home, misses her bed and her normal everyday things but she is remaining positive and smiley.’

On behalf of Sofia’s Mum, Jenny, her cousin Rebecca Anne has set up a little go fund me for her saying, ‘I hope this surprise could bring a smile to her face whilst going through this scary time in hospital!’  The target is a modest £200.

Here is the link to the Sofia’s gofundme page:

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