Lytham St Anne’s Skip Hire Donate Another Life Saving Defib. Where is the best location?

The Lytham St Anne’s community has a reason to celebrate as the local defibrillator is now back in action Thanks to Lytham St Anne’s Skip Hire the lifesaving defibrillator was restored just in time for the Christmas light switch-on event, which was held on Saturday, November 18th. The defibrillator was temporarily out of service for pad replacement but has now been securely placed back in its cabinet, ready to provide lifesaving assistance if needed.

Lytham St Anne’s Skip Hire have also announced that this year, instead of giving customer gifts, they will be further investing in the well-being of the community by donating another top-of-the-range defibrillator and cabinet, complete with installation.

The team at Lytham St. Anne’s Skip Hire firmly believe that this life-saving equipment will have a lasting and positive impact on the community, ensuring the safety and well-being of residents for years to come. And now, the community is invited to participate in choosing the ideal location for the new defibrillator! Can you help by identifying where the defibrillator is most needed within our community? ⚡

Your suggestions will play a vital role in enhancing safety and well-being for all residents and visitors alike. Share your thoughts on Lytham St. Anne’s Skip Hire Facebook page!  Here is the link for your ideas:

Joe Gillett, co owner of Lytham St Anne’s Skip Hire says, ‘ The 2 defibs that we already have in place have both been used on numerous occasions therefore it is inevitable that this new defib is going to save somebody else’s life in the coming years. ‘

Together, we can continue to make Lytham St Anne’s a safer place for everyone during emergencies. 🎅

Cheryl Pickstock, Interim Community Resuscitation Manager for the Cumbria and Lancashire Area North West Ambulance Service, has already expressed her appreciation by saying, ‘It’s great to see public access defibrillators in the Lytham St Anne’s area and companies such as Lytham St Anne’s Skip Hire being so proactive to provide an Automated External defibrillator (AED) to the community.

Cardiac arrest is different to a heart attack where there is no warning and therefore often happens in a public place, so having public access defibrillators in the community really does save lives.” ⚡




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