Mayor Of Fylde Overjoyed To Meet Oversized Puppets

Fylde MP Mark Menzies proudly showcased photographs of himself having fun at the St. Anne’s Carnival. MP Menzies is on the right of  the featured photograph with the Deputy Mayor of Fylde Council, Cllr. Peter Anthony and Mayor of Fylde Council, Cllr Cheryl Little. This was certainly a magical moment as Mark met Micky, Minnie and the Mayors.

MP Menzies said, ‘Having a wonderful time at St Anne’s Carnival. Well done to all the volunteers and community groups for putting on a great day.’

He was also snapped with the Mayor of St. Anne’s on the Sea Town Council, Cllr. Shirley Green and he Deputy, Cllr. Karen Harrison – picture below. The identity of the person pushing the pram is unknown.

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