MPs Awarded £2,200 Pay Rise As Britain Faces Tax Hikes & Soaring Cost Of Living

MPs are to receive a 2.7 per cent wage increase taking their annual salaries to over £84,000 after they were today (1st March, 2022) awarded a pay increase by parliament’s spending watchdog.

The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority said the 2.7 per cent hike will increase MPs basic salaries from £81,932 to £84,144. This has angered many at a time when the cost of living in Britain is soaring. Additionally, this is despite the Bank of England boss telling other workers not to ask for a pay rise saying it would worsen already soaring inflation.

The Taxpayers’ Alliance have replied to this news by saying that working households were likely to be ‘furious’ about MPs’ earnings being increased while they face ‘crippling tax hikes’. The pressure group’s chief executive John O’Connell added, ‘Elected officials should show restraint and only accept rises when economic conditions allow.’

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