New St.Anne’s Clinic Supports Patients With Skin Cancer Diagnosis

A new clinic supporting skin cancer patients has been set up at Clifton Hospital. The Holistic Needs Assessment Clinic provides a wealth of support for patients who have had a skin cancer diagnosis and may need additional help and advice. The clinic is run by Macmillan Skin Cancer co-ordinator, Michelle Forsyth.


Michelle says, ‘Once someone has been dealt with a cancer diagnosis, they very often don’t take in much information, so this clinic acts as a safety net. I contact the patient and speak to them or their carer to talk through the next steps and explain anything they may not have understood at first.

I can also help with other issues such as transport to and from appointments, referrals to other services and practical help such as arranging a falls button. It has gone really well so far and patients are finding their treatment journeys a little easier.’

On receiving a cancer diagnosis, usually only 20% of the information given following this is retained by a patient. Because of this, Michelle contacts the patient by phone, Microsoft Teams or by letter, depending on what technology the patient has access to, and talks through the next steps.

The helpline number specifically for skin cancer patients is 01253 956219.

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