North West Police Chiefs release an open letter to locals

The police chiefs responsible for the North West, including Cheshire Constabulary, Cumbria Constabulary, Greater Manchester Police, Lancashire Constabulary, and Merseyside Police.

The letter is to encourage locals to keep going and follow the rules laid out by the government. Although the dooming thought of the second lockdown is almost upon us, the police ask locals to stay inside.

They state that they have seen “first -hand the misery the pandemic has caused”, informing us that it is more important than ever to continue to keep your distance and stay within your bubble.

The police also state that the “minority who feel the restrictions don’t apply to them, be prepared to face consequences of greater levels of enforcement”, warning the public that they will collective,y target these people, especially those attending and hosting gathering and parties, despite the lockdown rules.

Open letter to residents of Lancashire

It seems that we are slipping further into the hold of the government and police, and free will is ebbing away. Let’s hope the new lockdown will be short-lived and we can all return to our daily lives soon. 🤞

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