Police & Coastguard Comment On The Grenade Which Was Picked Up On Beach By Child On Saturday

The Police and HM Coastguard have now provided comments upon the discovery of a grenade on the beach – an incident which was covered exclusively live by Lytham St. Anne’s News on Saturday’s hot and sunny afternoon (12.06.2021)

A Lancashire Police Spokesperson said, ‘A call was received from the beach patrol saying they had been alerted to a device that had been washed up with an explosive sign on the side. Initial investigation identified the device as a viable and images sent to Explosives Ordnance Disposal (EOD) whilst the beach was evacuated, and a cordon put in place. Further investigation revealed that the device was a smoke grenade, as such the cordon was drastically reduced, disruption to the public kept to a minimum. EOD attended to collect and make safe the device.”

Paul Little from HM Coastguard further explained: ‘It was an army smoke flare that someone had brought onto the beach, and a child had picked it up. He carried it over to his parents and they called the police, who got the army and bomb disposal unit to come and take it away. It was a live smoke flare used to create a smokescreen. The strange thing is we don’t know how it got there. I think the police were probably glad to get rid of it.’

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