Posters Have Been Plastered Over Town Centre By ‘Lytham Voice’ Organisers

Organisers of ‘Lytham Voice’ have been busy plastering posters over the town to encourage residents to attend a meeting scheduled for next Tuesday 10th October. This meeting will be held at St Bede’s Catholic High School on Talbot Road.  The doors open at 5.30 p.m. with the meeting timetabled to start at 6.30 p.m.

The invitation says, ‘Come and join us to voice your thoughts about all things Lytham, from setting up a Lytham Council and Car Parking to The Lytham Festival.’

The organisers explain further, ‘We are a group of Lytham residents who are concerned about decisions being made for our town without appropriate consultation or public knowledge.

We would like to create a forum which must be consulted on matters impacting our town, and through which the voices of Lytham’s residents will be heard.

Lytham and Ansdell are the only areas in the Fylde Borough which are not represented by a Town Council. Fylde Borough Council did hold a consultation on this matter in March 2022; regrettably there was a low level of response and consequently insufficient support identified to establish a Town Council. However, as residents most of us were not aware of this consultation!

This made us question…

  • How effective are Fylde Borough Council in engaging the residents?
  • How this could be improved?
  • How do we ensure the residents voices are heard?

To engage with Lytham residents, we have created this web site, are running a survey and will hold a Public Meeting which we have advertised through a leaflet drop directly to our residents’ homes.

The future of Lytham Voice depends on you, the residents, wanting to have a voice on Lytham’s future, its culture, appearance and Governance.

We look forward to discussing key issues for our town and encourage the residents to ensure their voices are heard.’

Items on the agenda are depicted below.

To complete the survey go to:

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