Renewed Calls For Fracking To Recommence To Provide Low Cost, Plentiful Gas Supply

With gas process soaring there are now renewed calls for fracking, the process of extracting shale gas from underground rocks with high pressure water and chemicals, to recommence. Those demanding a change in policy with regard to this controversial method of drilling down into the earth to recover oil and gas say that resumption of exploration could greatly reduce the UK’s reliance on buying an increasingly expensive 47% of our gas from abroad.

Katherine Gray, spokesperson of UK Onshore Oil and Gas, has said, ‘Just a mile under North and Central England lies an gas resource so immense that if we extracted just 10% we could meet the UK’s gas demands for the next fifty years.’

Former Energy Minister Sir John Hayes joined in the argument by saying that America has currently ’insulated’ itself against the massive energy price hikes by releasing trapped oil and gas.  He said now was the time for Britain to do the same.

Cuadrilla suspended test its fracking operations near Blackpool after earthquakes of 1.5 and 2.2 magnitude hit the area. A subsequent study found it was ‘highly probable’ that shale gas test drilling triggered the tremors.

Additionally, in an article in Saturday’s Daily Mail (9th October 2021) journalist Sue Reid argues that the recommencement would also bring hundreds of much need jobs to Blackpool, an area of deprivation specifically mentioned in Boris Johnson’s key-note speech which closed the Tory Conference last week.

(Featured photograph and cartoon below both from the Daily Mail)

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