Sneaky Peak at Huge Makeover of Lytham Hotel

At lot has been happening during Lockdown….

The Clifton Arms Hotel is a major attraction for the tourism trade in Lytham, and is a popular venue for weddings, wakes and weekends away. It’s synonymous with culture and quality service, and something exciting has been happening both inside and out!! Barton Grange have redesigned and sculpted the frontage, and here’s a couple of teasers that the hotel have put on their Facebook page 👇

WHAT: The Big Reveal!
WHEN: April 16th 2021

Something big has happened in Lytham. 📣

Our famous, landmark hotel has been transformed.

We’re planning to reopen on May 17th, 2021, and our new website will go live on April 16th. You’ll be able to see exactly what’s been created and what we’ve achieved.

Until then, look out for clues as to what amazing features have been produced. 👀

It all looks very swanky…. The big reveal is on their website, this coming Friday. 👀👀

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