St Annes “Fight Club” Organised by High School Pupils sends bullying fears to local parents

A Lytham St Annes High School has had to send urgent letters to ever member of a year group after a video emerged on Instagram.  This has raised serious concerns of bullying to the parents.  Despite it being the festive season the video showed more “seasons beatings” than seasons greetings.

The video that was online on Instagram was recorded by a female pupil and you could hear cheers from other pupils in the background as two young male pupils ensued in a vicious brawl.  The fight was taken part in a local field.

The police are involved and have had a Zoom meeting with those involved.

The National Bullying Helpline states “By law, all schools must have measures in place to prevent bullying and teachers, pupils and parents should be told what that policy is. A schools involvement in tackling bullying should not start at the point at which a child or student has been bullied. Good schools develop an ethos to prevent bullying happening in the first place. When bullying does occur, it is important for schools to respond promptly, support the bullied pupil and ensure that bullying does not happen again.”

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