St Anne’s Sensation Charlotte Dawsons MAJOR Announcement!

“The Queen of the Fylde” Charlotte Dawson has made a major announcement on her Instagram page in front of her 1.2 million loyal followers.

The daughter of well-loved celebrity Les Dawson teased her major announcement 24 hours earlier and her 1.2m followers were literally sat at the edge of their seats in anticipation, the new mother Charlotte was seen breast feeding her son Noah on Instagram which gained a lot of support from her fans.

Finally after 24 hours of teasing Charlotte finally revealed the below:

OMGGGG!!! I have my very own chuffin tanning brand my darlings .. you’ve been asking all weekend what tan am I wearing well now you know 😱😍 something I’ve dreamed of forever always been the fake tan kween… ever since I used to get bullied for being orange at skwllll “charlottes tangerine army” well now I have @dawsylicioustanning chuffin pinch me now!!!
In order to celebrate my cherubs I’m GIVING AWAY 100 FREE BLOODY BOTTLES to a 100 of my fambo of followers!!! 😍😍😍 giving more of you a chance to win!!! 100 of you lucky winners will be announced next Thursday when the website goes live
All you need to do is –
tag 3 friends
& follow @dawsylicioustanning 🙌🏽
I’m so excited!!! I wouldn’t be able to do this without you lot, so thank you for letting me make my dreams come true. Come get chuffin tanned with Chazza because what are we…. too tanned to give a damn? 😉💋💁🏽‍♀️ 27.05.21 you can officially purchase from the website but in the mean time click the link in my bio to get exclusivity & discounts etc 🥳 love you all so much hope your all as buzzing as me ❤️”

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