Watch Out For Giant Seagulls Flying Into In St. Anne’s

Watch out for these cheeky oversized sea birds as they fly into St. Anne’s as preparations are made in the September sunshine for the forthcoming International Kite Festival (Friday 8th – Sunday 10th September).

The Giant Seagulls have had onlookers in a flap all over the world with their working beaks and crafty capers. From the calls to the fights, the attention to detail is constantly surprising. The costumed chums have spent many happy hours studying the behaviour of real seagulls before applying what they had learnt to their upcoming St. Anne’s walkabout.

A SpokesSeagull Big Rory said this abut his mischievous mates, ‘They’ll rummage in bags and pockets, steal food from plates and picnic baskets, squabble amongst themselves and generally cause a fuss.’

The Giant Seagulls are looking forward to flying into St. Anne’s. Shrieks of laughter are guaranteed to follow them wherever they go.

For full details of the International Kite Festival go to:


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