Wonderful Video launches Kirkham Futures.  Here is the Link.

A brand new, vibrant web-site showcasing the future of Kirkham has been launched – and you can access the site and be part of Kirkham’s exciting plans for the future here:

A first-rate, superbly produced five minute video which shares the community’s excitement about the developments can be seen here:

The web-site says that the High Street and the Market Square are the heart of Kirkham – and it’s the Kirkham community which keeps it beating by shopping locally, opening new businesses and coming together for social activities and civic celebrations.

The Vision is to revitalise historic Poulton Street, Preston Street and market Square by:

  • Restoring and re-purposing key buildings with new uses
  • Improving the visual appearance of the shops and streets
  • Introducing new and more diverse uses such as residential, skills, employment and training, plus new leisure and restaurants to encourage more diverse offer and enhanced evening economy
  • Placemaking – high quality urban design, enhancements to public realm and making the centre more attractive to families, shoppers and visitors.

The site shares the eight key projects are to be delivered over the next four years:

  1. Market Square: The Heart of Kirkham
  2. Refurbishment of Kirkgate Centre
  3. A brand new Heritage & Eco Skills Centre at Hillside
  4. Kirkham Arts & Heritage Centre/Community Cinema in the Former Charity Girls School on Poulton Street
  5. Enveloping Scheme to shops and properties
  6. Public Realm improvements
  7. Arts and Heritage Programme
  8. Future development sites
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