Restaurant Review – Novello Lytham

Restaurant Review – Novello Lytham

Having been a resident of Leafy Lytham for just over two and a half years, on my bucket list has always been a visit to Novello.  It is one of those restaurants everyone says is “superb” or “you really must try” but the comment that really caught my attention was “the wines are AMAZING”.  Novello is located on Clifton Street as it approaches the Station Road junction.  It is run by Tony, and his Italian waiting-on staff, with his son as head chef in the kitchen.









Although we had provisionally booked a table for 6.30pm, I had explained to the waiter the day before that as we have children to settle with our babysitter, it could actually be between 6.30pm and 7.00pm – they were very relaxed about this which we found reassuring. We had a table booked outside, which I was looking forward to as they have arranged this very attractively during lockdown – however my wife is Polish and fears the cold so she requested we changed our seats to inside (despite it being a blazing 23oC outside), I was fine with this as I always endeavour to avoid any arguments or embarrassing scenes.  The waiter – again – was fine with us moving and changed our table to inside.  The venue inside is outstanding – the décor has had a great deal of thought put into it and you can tell financially the venue has had a significant investment.  Also, it was reassuring to see how bustling the place was, and everyone in there seemed happy and having a joyous time.

Once seated we were promptly asked what we wanted to drink by the charming waiter, I decided to go for a Merlot Terre del Noce, and my other half went for a gin cocktail.  These were brought to us without delay and both drinks were fantastic – the presentation of the gin cocktail was impressive as well!   After intensely reviewing the menu, it was time to order – my lovely other half ordered King Prawns, marinated Sausage, chilli, garlic, butter sauce with squid ink coral and I opted for the pan roasted scallops, cauliflower, lemon foam, smoked pancetta and tarragon.  For our main course my meat-loving partner ordered Fillet of Lancashire Beef, slow braised Ox cheek, sabayon and basil and as a fish lover I chose the line-caught Turbot, salt baked celeriac, asparagus and potato nest.  To accompany our starters and main I ordered a Pinot Grigio and my partner a Porn Star Martini.










The drinks arrived and all I can say is “WOW” – the Porn Star Martini presentation was out of this world, it looked exactly how a photograph of a drink would look for a shot in Lancashire Life – my partner’s eyes nearly popped out of her head in amazement.  The wine was nice and cold, and my partner said her Porn Star Martini was “divine”.  The starters then arrived and it was another “WOW” moment – the presentation again was just outstanding, it reminded me of Michelin star restaurants I’ve been to in London and Dubai.  My scallops were so fresh and tasty, and my partner thought her King Prawns were off the scale!

Unfortunately – scallops make me thirsty so my white wine was now finished as well as the Porn Star Martini “her-indoors” had ordered so we asked for “the same again” and they arrived, again very promptly, with the same superb presentation on the cocktail.

Our eagerly-anticipated mains now arrived and once again the presentation was breath-taking, the steak my meat-loving missus had ordered, looked like a piece of art and it was exactly how she had requested it (medium), and my Turbot looked to die-for.  On first taste we were both on Cloud-9 – the Turbot was so fresh it was like it had just come out of the ocean, and my partner said the meat just melted in her mouth – just how she likes it.  The waiter then explained to me that the Turbot comes from Cornwall which added up as it reminded me of Sam’s Bistro in Fowey!









We devoured our main course and then mother nature urgently called. On my visit to the toilets, they were immaculate, which is incredibly reassuring as I always believe the bathrooms represent the cleanliness of a place. On return to my table, the dessert menu was awaiting me.  It didn’t take us long to choose our desserts – my all-time favourite Crème Brûlée for me, accompanied by a 14-year- old single malt whiskey, and my “Little Nest of Vipers” chose the Tiramisu which she always goes for.  The desserts arrived very quickly and once again the presentation was just so dreamy and artistic – the taste on both was flawless.







To my pleasant surprise the waiter brought over two complimentary Italian dessert wines which was a lovely treat, I drank it while awaiting my bill but that wasn’t the end of the surprise – they then brought over two limoncellos, which my partner isn’t keen on – so I got to drink BOTH!

I hadn’t looked at the prices prior to ordering, so was expecting a substantial bill – fine dining places I’ve visited in other towns have charged like “wounded rhinos” – however when I got my bill here it was a mere £127.65!  Which for a dining experience like that was totally reasonable!  I left the waiters a well-deserved hefty tip and off we went to enjoy our evening in Lytham!

I rate the place 10/10 – if I could give it a higher score, I would!  This was an INCREDIBLE dining experience!



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