Important Advice For New Property Owners Regarding Wills From Glassbrooks Solicitors

Glassbrooks Solicitors have recently dealt with several clients who have needed guidance regarding updating their Wills following a recent change in their circumstances, notably following purchasing a new property.

Glassbrooks advise, ‘Once you have purchased a property, it is sensible for you to consider what will happen to that property in the event of your death (particularly if you are buying with someone else) . This is dealt with by creating a Will and ensuring the property is held in a way which allows it to be inherited in accordance with your wishes.

If you own the property in your sole name, you need a Will to direct it to a particular person, otherwise it will pass under the rules of intestacy which may not be what you want.

If you are buying a property with someone as an investment or with someone who is not your spouse, you may need specific advice about how the property is held and how to provide for it in your Will.

We strongly suggest you consider making a Will which reflects your wishes for the property. It may also be sensible for you to consider a Lasting Power of Attorney to allow someone to deal with your property on your behalf in the event you are unable to do so, because of an accident, illness or simply for your convenience.’

If you don’t have a Will or Lasting Power of Attorney or need to review your current Will, please give Glassbrooks as call on 01253 643700. Alternatively, email and Glassbrooks will be happy to assist you.

Glassbrooks Solicitors are located at 42 St Andrews Road South in Lytham St. Anne’s.

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