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All about bunting, by our Brenda.

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Apologies if our bunting isn’t as good as other Towns of the Fylde. I asked why haven’t we any Jubilee celebration Union Jacks as are in St Anne’s and Kirkham!! . Answer, “nothing was allocated to Lytham because LCC won’t allow anything on lamposts without a stress test” Strange Kirkham and St Anne’s still had them on the lampposts 🤔.! Therefore I requested bunting and Union Jacks flags. I have been given the bunting by FBC, on the proviso I arrange and pay to put them up ourselves, which we now have done.

Fortunately we have a great community in Lytham, Tom Gallagher of RiverProperties kindly offered to put them up in Clifton Square, Memorial Garden and Sparrow Park as they do not to interfere LCC lamposts or traffic. Also gave a box to Park View, (Queen Elizabeth 11 Park ) to put up in the Park. Julie Norman

Apparently we will be having some sort of red/white/blue flags, possibly on the lamposts on Lytham Prom.
As these are a last minute decision after my request ( I was not aware Lytham wasn’t down to have anything) , hence nothing up yet. I know LCC won’t allow us to put anything up on the lamposts but don’t understand why Lythams Lamposts weren’t given the beautiful Union Jack Banners like St Anne’s and Kirkham, we pay Council Tax just the same!!! Our lamposts could of had the same stress test done & paid for like both the other Towns surely ??

We will be all celebrating our wonderful Queens Jubilee in many ways, so come on Lytham put your flags/bunting up in your Garden and or businesses. Let’s show how proud we are of our Queen 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

I’ll be celebrating on Lytham Green, along with family & friends with a picnic on Friday 3rd June, and then I’ll be judging a Queens Jubilee Cake Competition from the Queens Hotel with Lythams own Chef Paul Rowley. Watch this space for details.

Hope my post helps with the many questions I’m being asked about our Jubilee celebration decorations, or should I say lack of . God Bless our Queen.


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Wowsie June 3, 2022 - 10:52 pm

I’ve made myself 100mtres of bunting and covered the front of my house!!
Who says Lytham hasn’t got Bunting!! 🥳🤣😂

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