‘Red Indians’ Tableau Will Not Feature In Future Blackpool Illuminations

Last year two Native Americans raised deep concerns to Blackpool Council about a long-established, iconic display which depicted six men in headdresses and a totem pole.

The panel, which dates from the 1960s, has been a regular feature of the annual display. At the time a council spokesperson said the authority had ‘agreed to explore options for a new tableau that celebrates Native American culture with input from the network based in the UK.’

A VisitBlackpool Spokesperson has now said that the ‘Red Indians’ will not return to the 2022 Illuminations adding that a replacement display will be made for the 2023 season. The spokesperson explained, “We are re-imagining the tableau for the 2023 Illuminations season with input from representatives of the Native American network. We are looking to produce a new design that will celebrate indigenous culture. The current tableau will be rested for this season to enable that work to be undertaken.’


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  1. Bloody disgrace what the hell is this world coming to the Indians were there when I was a kid and my kids and my grandkids why be dictated to surely have the publics say also

  2. What’s racist about it? I wouldn’t remove the display from the Illuminations because some moaning minnie from America took offence to this, it’s going way too far.

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