A Special Early Birthday Present For Blackpool Zoo’s Red Panda Mum, Alina

Blackpool Zoo’s Red Panda Alina is celebrating her 4th birthday today (26th July) in fine style as she has enjoyed two very special early birthday presents. Blackpool Zoo are absolutely thrilled to announce the arrival of not one but two adorable endangered red panda cubs! Alina and the two baby pandas are pictured in the featured photograph.

Alina and her cubs will spend the first three to four months mostly in the nesting boxes, so Keeper Shona says it’s not guaranteed that you will currently see them during visits.

Proud new mother panda Alina (pictured below) and delighted dad, Tao Tao, who successfully raised two cubs in 2021, are caring for their young without any intervention, so the genders of the baby pair of pandas is yet to be confirmed. Alina is pictured below.

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