Advice From Blackpool Teaching Hospitals As Junior Doctors Strike

Dr. Steve Wiggans, Deputy Medical Director at Blackpool Teaching Hospitals has provided an update on the industrial action from junior doctors which begins today, Tuesday 11th April.

Dr. Wiggans has highlighted some ways in which local communities can help during this time. He says:

  • Please continue to attend for your appointment – unless we contact you directly to rearrange.
  • All emergency care and other critical services will be open as usual but we are expecting service disruption so you may have a longer wait than normal.
  • If you need urgent medical help – but it’s not life threatening, please contact NHS 111 online or by phone and they can advise on where to go or what to do.
  • If your relative or friend is due to be discharged from hospital and needs to be collected, please do whatever you can to help bring them home as early as possible. This will help our teams to free-up a hospital bed for someone waiting to be admitted.

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  1. I am coming for my pre med at urology on Thursday 13th April 2 pm am I still OK to come

  2. Sad how the general public think only of themselves and spout out phrases like, “oh what an inconvenience!”, when it comes to strike action from the NHS.
    The ongoing strike is the remaining last resort of underpaid, overworked and unappreciated very essential employees.
    These people save our lives for goodness sake!
    They deserve better conditions and better pay for the ridiculous shifts they work.
    Everyone should stop their whinging and support them, before the NHS is no more.
    Cause when that’s gone, you’ll all REALLY have something to whine about.

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