Pregnant Smokers To Get £400 In Vouchers To Kick The Habit!

Department of Health and Social Care officials say 9% of women still smoke during pregnancy in England and hope a financial incentive alongside behavioural support will get all of them to stop by the end of the year.

While the full details about access to the scheme are yet to be shared, Department of Health and Social Care officials expect vouchers will be available throughout pregnancy and could total up to £400 if the stop-smoking intervention is successfully completed.

In addition, one million cigarette smokers will be offered vape starter kits as part of a government ‘swap to stop’ scheme to make England ‘smoke free.

Health Minister Neil O’Brien has said that these vape starter kits will be offered to almost one in five of all smokers in England as part of a push that is ‘the first of its kind in the world.’ According to experts, the campaign will see England smoke-free by 2030 – which is qualified when five per cent or less of the public are smoking.

The scheme is expected to cost the Department of Health and Social Care £45 million from its budget over a two-year period.

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