Afghan Refugees To Be Housed At Weeton Barracks From Friday

Up to 55 Afghan families will begin arriving at Weeton Barracks from Friday 10th November and will be accommodated in housing usually reserved for soldiers and their families.

A spokesperson for Fylde Council has announced, ‘The council was informed by the Ministry of Defence that 55 of the existing housing units at Weeton Barracks will be used to temporarily accommodate eligible Afghans who supported the UK’s presence in Afghanistan. These individuals and their families have been granted indefinite leave to remain in the UK.

The properties in Weeton Barracks will be used as transitional accommodation for Afghan families, with arrivals starting from November 10, 2023.

The MOD will provide all the required care for the families which will include basic provisions, employment support, health, education, and orientation to the UK.

The maximum stay for any family will be six weeks whilst the MoD arrange settled accommodation around the UK. The barracks will be used until all the families have been in settled accommodation or the regiment is scheduled to occupy the barracks in 2024.

The Council is grateful for the support the Afghan refugees provided to our forces during the recent conflict and will look to engage the families with the local community during their short stay at the barracks.’


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