Plans For 350 New Homes To Be Constructed Off Cropper Road

Plans for 350 new houses on two parcels of land off Cropper Road (pictured above), bounded by Progress Way and School Road. are set to be approved by Fylde Council next week.

The proposal from Wain Homes includes:

1) demolition of all existing buildings and structures

2) construction of 350 dwellings

3) landscaping

4) partial closure and realignment of Cropper Road,

5) new accesses from Cropper Road to include a link to Cropper Close & Lea Green Drive

The application has been recommended for approval when it goes before Fylde’s Planning Committee on Wednesday, 15th May. Full details of the application may be seen here:

Planning officers say that the scheme will mean the loss of open space and acknowledge that the site is a flood risk, reporting, ‘The site is notably constrained by flood risk, with the proposed design and layout being significantly influenced by the amount of land required for its attenuation and to properly manage flood risk. Within the site, the development has the potential to impact upon protected species, including bats, owls, badgers, otters, voles and newts.’

Nevertheless, the land is designated for residential development in the Fylde Local Plan. Additionally, a survey carried out in March demonstrated that the proposed development would not have unacceptable and harmful impacts on these or other protected species, saying ‘Whilst the proposed development affects large areas of currently open space, the proposed scheme would also include relatively extensive areas of improved habitat.’

With 350 new homes being being built, and the consequent demands on the local infrastructure, the developer must provide funds to not only expand medical services, but also provide additional school places as well as supporting a regular bus service linking the site with St Anne’s and Blackpool for five years.

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