Amanda Thompson Shocks Pleasure Beach Patrons By Her ‘Very Rude’ Response

Amanda Thompson owner of Blackpool’s Pleasure Beach has shocked patrons of the popular park with her curt answer to an enquiry regarding the Grand Prix.

She replied, ‘The Grand Prix will not operate this year as we are planning a new attraction. Don’t ask me any more questions about this, I will tell you when I have made the decision. Re the Play Station or as you call it the Ice Blast. That will be operating later this season we are awaiting parts. So stop guessing and listening to ridiculous rumours. I know the facts….Have a great season with lots of fun and memory making days.’ (see original pictured below)

Patrons are very upset by her reply. One saying, ‘Think she needs to update her customer service skills…very rude.’

Another responded,’ Clearly needs lessons in public relations. The way that was written comes across as arrogant, rude and as if she’s looking down her nose at the paying public.’

Today’s visitors to the Pleasure Beach have also shared their views to Ms Thompson. One said, ‘My son’s been today and everything broke down or was out of service. Very disappointing.’ Whilst another agreed by stating, ‘My daughter is there at the moment she said half the rides are not open so what are people paying for.’

One visitor at the Parks reopening was also very disappointed, ’Been there today on opening day. What an absolute shit show. More than half rides closed or kept breaking down. Air blowers broke after Valhalla. Why they wouldn’t make sure everything was operating fine before opening is beyond me!’

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