Amazing Poppy Cascade Being Created At St. Anne’s Parish Church

Can you imagine 10,000 lovely handmade poppies brilliantly cascading down the historic Parish Church in St Anne’s?

That’s exactly what you will be able to see on Remembrance Day (11th  November) this year, thanks to an incredible project by St Anne’s Bellringers, with support from many local individuals, and community businesses such as Bonney Fabrics & Wool. It’s going to be a very poignant display, but also a demonstration of how well local people work together.

The St Anne’s Bell Ringers from St Anne’s Parish Church have currently received almost 9,000 poppies, kindly donated by many individuals and groups in the local community. At their first assembly session on 3rd September the bell ringers attached about 1,500 poppies to the net, which is a great start, but the target is about 2,500 poppies per session if they are to have the cascade ready in time.

After this Sunday’s session (24th September) the bell ringers have nearly finished the centre section. They say, ‘Thank you to everyone who came to help, much appreciated.’

The next session is in St Anne’s Parish Church on Sunday 8th Oct, 2:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.  and then on Sunday 15th October. The Bell Ringers say, ‘Please come and help if you can (and bring a pair of scissors please!).’

The Bell Ringers are also planning an official Opening Ceremony for the poppy cascade. This will be held at 2.30pm on Sunday, 29th October. The cascade will then stay in place until Remembrance Sunday.

Photographs by Nicki Greenwood Photography

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