Apricot – A Brand New Brunch To Bar Venue Opening In Lytham In May

A young entrepreneur is set to open a new brunch to bar concept in the heart of Lytham this May. The 60-cover venue, Apricot, will open in May on Clifton Street in Lytham by Olive Tree Brasserie owner, Dean Wilson.

With a team of 15, Apricot aspires to be a casual, modern venue with beachy vibes. Opening early & closing late, it will be the perfect spot for all plans. It will feature a brilliant menu, serving brunch dishes from eggs benny, pancakes and smoothie bowls to toasted sandwiches, burgers and chef specials, followed by an evening menu featuring flatbreads and sharing boards. By night, Apricot will open late to offer cocktails, wine, premium spirits and more.  It will be a brilliant venue for guests to eat in, take out, stay all day & come back for evening drinks.

Apricot will also source local ingredients, be sustainable & vegan/veggie friendly.

Business man and young entrepreneur, Dean Wilson currently operates three successful restaurants across the North West – Olive Tree Brasserie Lytham, Stockton Heath & Chester.

Dean Wilson said; ‘We have been waiting for the right site to come along, and Clifton Street is perfect for our first Apricot. Lytham is crying out for a cool venue serving brunch dishes through the day & a place for casual drinks in the evening. We already have a strong, passionate and experience management team with excellent organisational structure. We just can’t wait to get the first Apricot open now!’ 

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  1. Wow a new venture replacing the successful companies with 100.000 thousands of debts and a winding up order more top reporting from Lytham st Anne’s news # pay back taxpayers money

  2. How typical of Lytham. Yet another bar to pander to the local trendies with plenty of cash to throw about.
    Eventually most of Lytham will be restaurants, cafes and bars (not to mention a few vamped-up, more expensive charity shops) to cater for the ever growing Lytham Festival.
    How wonderful.

  3. This isn’t reporting news. It’s an advertising feature. How does the writer know it will be “brilliant”

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