Blackpool Named As The Most Violent Place In England & Wales

The most dangerous places across England and Wales have been revealed in data published by the Daily Mirror (Thursday 9th November).  Sadly, Blackpool has earned the top spot thanks to 10,849 violent crimes committed last year alone. The resulting rate of 769.7 crimes per 10,000 people means Blackpool has a higher rate than any other place across the two countries.

The Daily Mirror used the statistics to publish a list of the top 10 most violent cities and towns in England and Wales (violent crimes per 10,000):

  1.  Blackpool (769.7)
  2.  Middlesbrough (657.6)
  3.  Thanet (621.5)
  4.  Birmingham (618.2)
  5.  Bradford (612.3)
  6.  Wolverhampton (612.2)
  7.  Denbighshire (603.9)
  8.  Manchester (595.9)
  9.  Southampton (588.7)
  10. Portsmouth (583.9)

The plush southwest London area of Richmond-upon-Thames, which was found to be the least violent place in the UK with just 153.2 violent crimes per 10,000 residents.

The Daily Mirror was not complimentary in its descriptions of Blackpool, quoting the words of two visitors. The Mirror said: ‘One unhappy visitor wrote: “My mum and dad took me as a kid and it was amazing – a playground of fun and entertainment. I went back a couple of years a go and it was just so depressing. Behind the front it’s a s***hole.” Whilst another added: “I lived in Blackpool when I was younger and it’s aesthetically so dead, the promenade is a mess of buildings with no identity and you’ll be lucky to find a squirrel.”

The Mirror did provide one positive comment, saying ‘ But not everyone was as negative and one fan of the coastal resort argued: “It’s actually really nice now and improvements are on going. Yes years ago it was struggling. It’s now back up and coming.”

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