Blackpool Street Where ‘This Is The Norm’

Blackpool South MP Scott Benton has posted this photograph of the mess on Westmorland Avenue in the town. He says, ‘ Appalling. What a disgusting mess on Westmorland Avenue. Residents sick of ringing the Council on a regular basis to get it cleaned up and tired of living on a street where this is the norm.’

One resident commented, ‘Don’t know who they are never met them, and same issue with constant dog barking on Westmorland too.’ Another added, ‘Looks like bedsit land doesn’t it. To fix this problem hit the landlords with very hefty fines which should make them control their tenants properly.’

Meanwhile Independent MP Benton seems to lay the blame at the Labour councillors, as he adds, ‘Anybody seen the Labour Councillors recently?’

The Tyldesley Labour Party replied, ‘This fly tipping had already been reported and will be dealt with shortly by the team.’

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