Camp Covid in St Annes is Underway

Reports from eagle-eyed local, Mick Mcsharry, that ‘Camp Covid’ is currently being erected in St Annes Beach Cafe carpark.

The carpark has been closed until further notice, with large ominous, temporary building under construction.

This comes after reports of a new immediate testing system comes to the UK, allowing locals to be tested for covid-19 and receive results immediately; ensuring that they go into isolation if testing positive.

There have been some concerns with the system, however, as they may not be 100% effective when it comes to testing the virus in the early stages. This may lead to a false negative, and in-turn giving the subject ‘false security’ meaning they don’t follow social distancing and PPE rules as strictly as they should.

Fylde council have announced that Fairhaven road carpark will be closed from 8pm last night until the foreseeable future, for the construction of the new COVID-19 testing centres.

The testing centres will be opened from Monday 16th November.

Let’s hope this works!

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