Celestial Armillary Installed In Ashton Gardens To Commemorate Coronation Of King Charles III

St. Anne’s on the Sea Town Council says it is proud to present the installation of a celestial armillary in Ashton Gardens to commemorate the forthcoming coronation of King Charles III on Saturday 6th May 2023.

The armillary project was led and organised by the Town Environment Network (TEN) of the Town Council with financial and practical support from Fylde Council.

You will find the armillary in the sunken garden area of Ashton Gardens.

The stone plinth was designed and constructed by Galvin & Sons. An engraved coronation stone (shown in featured photograph) will be sited next week.

The spherical armillary is hand cast from a brass alloy and finished in an antique bronze finish. It features an integrated tall, yet broad base, with three stepped rings and ridged detailing. The central equatorial band features Zodiac names and symbols, whilst the middle disc features the French words ‘A Paris Chez G. Gobille, a P Ache Royalle’, whilst degree numbers sit within the outer ring.

The armillary was installed onsite by Trident Motor Group.

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