Charlotte Dawson Reveals She Has Received ‘Awful News’ & Takes A Social Media Break Just Days After Rushing Her Son Noah To A&E.

After rushing her young son Noah to hospital earlier this week, Charlotte Dawson has reassured her 1.3 million followers that the toddler was fine – revealing she is actually the one who is ‘not ok’ after receiving some ‘awful news’.

Last night (Tuesday 12th April) the 29-year-old TV reality TV star told her 1.3 million Instagram followers that she would be away from the app for a while, as she tries to ‘come to terms’ with bad news.

Speaking on her Instagram Stories, Charlotte has written: ‘Receiving so many messages why I’ve been quiet and is Noah ok… Noah is absolutely fine, he’s amazing. It’s me that’s not ok. We have had some awful news & just trying to come to terms with it [sad emojis]. Will be back soon. Love you all x.’

Charlotte Dawson’s son Noah was rushed to hospital after he banged his head at home – an accident when left him ‘projectile vomiting and passing out’.  Telling her fans about the accident Charlotte said, ’Well I didn’t think we’d end up in bloody A&E.’

She thanked fans and said, ‘Thank you for all your messages, love you all. He banged his cheek and head on the leg of a table today and kept projectile vomiting until he passed out and was dizzy. Terrified us. Finally getting into bed. Glad we went to the hospital and got checked. Our cherub you are just so precious.’


Featured photograph shows Charlotte Dawson with her Mum Tracy Dawson

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