Chell’s Artisan Café Faces COVID Closure

Local artisan café, Chell’s has announced that they will be temporarily closed due to a covid outbreak last week on the 14th – 17th October.

They have not disclosed whether this was a member of staff or a customer, however they have suggested that everyone who attended the café on those dates should isolate to be safe.

The café has not shared the date that they will reopen, but will share this information via Facebook at a later date.

Their update read:

“Dear Customer, if you have attended Chell’s at Lytham during the period 14th to 17th October inclusive and you may have come in to close contact with a person who was suffering from Coronavirus disease.

“We would advise isolating from other people for a period of 14 days from the date of attendance at the restaurant and go for testing should you develop or be suffering from a fever, persistent cough or loss of smell or taste.

“We are sorry to have to bring this news to our customers, the café is closed at the moment and we will inform everybody when we intend to re-open. Stay Safe”

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